Bernard F. Peters Jr.

Founder/Chief Programmer/Technician

As a Curry College alumnus and student of Information Technology Bernard wears a lot of hats at Plymco. He is not only our founder, but our chief programmer and lead technician too. It is Bernard's vision and drive which shapes the way we approach our work. Bernard is constantly pushing the boundaries to challenge himself and others to learn new development techniques as they rapidly change in the marketplace. His desire to stay up-to-date on new design trends and fresh techniques help to set us apart from those who continue to use outdated technology and stale practices.

Every month, Bernard spends a good deal of time researching design theory and finds new and interesting ways to implement the new methods. It is by following the latest design trends and staying up-to-date that Plymco is able to offer better products and services to our valued clients.

I personally garauntee our customers get the highest value for their website investment dollars by ensuring the highest quality, appeal, and functionality for every website we create.
Bernard F. Peters Jr.